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REALITY-BASED Self-Defense in Fresno

Golden Dragon Jeet Kune Do™ – is a reality-based self-defense and combat system created in 1977, in United States of America by the founder of Golden Dragon Jeet Kune Do™ Grand Master Sebastian Nazario 10th Dan Black Belt.​

The art and science of Golden Dragon Jeet Kune Do™ evolved from the life's work of martial arts Grand Master Sebastian Nazario, who spent decades of his life in the sole pursuit of the development of a pure reality-based fighting system.

Based on the correct application of physics and body mechanics, Golden Dragon Jeet Kune Do™ is both easy to learn and easy to apply in the real world. It blends scientific fighting skills with behavioral and confrontational psychology to form a total fighting art that provides its practitioners with unparalleled training far beyond the norm. It has been specifically designed to develop special skills required to survive under real-world conditions. Golden Dragon Jeet Kune Do™ addresses every aspect of inter-personal conflict from verbal self-defense and control techniques to methods of confrontation management and if necessary- the justified use of deadly force.

Beyond that students also learn the legal / moral aspects of the use of force, how to control and channel their fears and how to avoid the use of physical force if at all possible. If all else fails they are taught methods to stop any attacker cold within seconds. One of the great things about Golden Dragon Jeet Kune Do™ is that its basics are rooted in the correct application of physics and body mechanics making it easy to develop a practical working knowledge of the art within a very short time frame. Advanced Golden Dragon Jeet Kune Do™ practitioners develop astounding levels of speed, power coordination and accuracy along with the incredible ability to respond to a violent attack auto-kinetically, (without conscious thought), reacting instantly and effectively against even the most sudden surprise attack.

Golden Dragon Jeet Kune Do™ has no styles, no systems, no rituals, no lineages, no masters, no labels, no belts, no katas, no uniforms, no dogmas; only the process of sharing and learning through self-actualization and personal expression of truth via functional combative philosophy, psychology, movement and fitness.



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